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Alberta Milk is a non-profit organization representing the province's dairy producers, undertaking a variety of activities that ensure Albertan’s are aware of the nutritional benefits of milk and milk products. We strive to provide Albertan's with accurate, timely and balanced information about the dairy industry and milk products.

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You May Be Eating More than You Think

Many people feel frustrated when they start eating better and do not lose weight. Even while eating healthy foods, you may find extra calories sneaking into your diet. Here are four ways calories can add up despite your good intentions, along with advice for what to do about it.

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Tasty dressing will enhance this simple salad.

This tasty and easy to prepare creamy chicken is just what the family needs at the end of a long day!

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Spiced Chia Pudding: Dessert or Breakfast?

April 28, 2015

I was intrigued by this recipe for Spiced Chia Pudding from Dairy Farmers of Canada because it had many of the key components that I love in a recipe.
Simple Pasta Dish for the Whole Family

April 21, 2015

Aglio E Olio, Italian for spaghetti with garlic and oil, is the simplest recipe you will ever make and is one of my standbys because it can be ready in 10 minutes.
Easy Creamy Microwave Risotto

April 14, 2015

This Easy Creamy Microwave Risotto has all of the flavour and the creamy texture of traditional risotto but is much easier to prepare.

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