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Alberta Milk is a non-profit organization representing the province's dairy producers, undertaking a variety of activities that ensure Albertan’s are aware of the nutritional benefits of milk and milk products. We strive to provide Albertan's with accurate, timely and balanced information about the dairy industry and milk products.

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Surprisingly Healthy Foods
Avocado, beef, eggs, milk, peanut butter… What do these foods have in common? Answer: They are all foods that have an undeserved bad reputation. These foods, and others, are often labelled as “bad” because they are a source of one or two nutrients that have been associated with negative health outcomes. Should you avoid these foods at all cost? Not at all!

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Spaghetti squash is cut in half and roasted in the oven, then topped with a tomato sauce, ricotta cheese and sausage.

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Pumpkin Cranberry Bread Pudding – A Lactose-Free Fall Favourite

October 28, 2014

This delicious Pumpkin Cranberry Bread Pudding will help you get your annual pumpkin fix the healthy way. But this is not your regular bread pudding; it is lactose-free.
White Bean Turkey Chili

October 21, 2014

Do you have turkey left-overs? Try turkey chili!

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