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Alberta Milk is a non-profit organization representing the province's dairy producers, undertaking a variety of activities that ensure Albertan’s are aware of the nutritional benefits of milk and milk products. We strive to provide Albertan's with accurate, timely and balanced information about the dairy industry and milk products.

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Anti-inflammatory Diets: Do they work?

There are over 1,000 books about anti-inflammatory diets and an internet search brings up almost eight million hits. Why the sudden interest? What is the connection between diet and inflammation? And most importantly, are there foods that can protect us from inflammation?

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turkey kabab with a mild fragrant curry flavor, charred bits, juicy turkey with a creamy tangy dipping sauce

Saskatoon berries are slightly sweetened with maple syrup and combined with the tang of lemon, topped with a crunchy topping of oats, brown sugar, and finished with crème fraiche or ice cream.

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Creamy Frozen Lemonade

July 21, 2016

This nutritious creamy frozen lemonade is the perfect addition to a meal or is a refreshing snack for a hot day! Written by a Registered Dietitian
Grilled Chicken Burger with Fig Jam and Brie

July 19, 2016

This delicious chicken burger with fig jam, apples and brie was inspired by one on the menu of a famous restaurant chain. We think our version is even better! This blog was written by a registered dietitian.
Greek Yogurt Hummus

July 12, 2016

Gone are the days of making a special trip to the grocery store to get tahini for your hummus craving. This Greek Yogurt Hummus makes snack time easy.

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