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Alberta Milk is a non-profit organization representing the province's dairy producers, undertaking a variety of activities that ensure Albertan’s are aware of the nutritional benefits of milk and milk products. We strive to provide Albertan's with accurate, timely and balanced information about the dairy industry and milk products.

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Remember to eat this summer!
Because our winters are so long, you may feel you are waiting forever for summer. And summer never seems long enough! The result: you try to pack your days with as many warm-weather activities as possible. With so much to do, it can be easy to forget to eat. Therefore, you may feel exhausted and cranky at the end of your fun-filled days rather than happy and pleasantly tired.

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Pistachio Ice Cream

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A good knife makes all the difference

August 26, 2014

Using a quality knife that is sharp has increased my enjoyment in the kitchen.
Roasted Fig and Pistachio Topped Greek Yogurt

August 19, 2014

The combination of figs, pistachios and Greek yogurt in this recipe creates a nutrition powerhouse that will leave you satisfied.

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