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Alberta Milk is a non-profit organization representing the province's dairy producers, undertaking a variety of activities that ensure Albertan’s are aware of the nutritional benefits of milk and milk products. We strive to provide Albertan's with accurate, timely and balanced information about the dairy industry and milk products.

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Make your exercise count!

Have you caught yourself thinking, “I deserve a treat today because I worked out”? Or, “I will have a large, instead of a small, Frappuccino, because I exercised.” If you have, you may be sabotaging good exercise efforts and not getting the weight loss results you expect from hitting the gym.

Newest Recipes

This pizza dough made with Greek yogurt will have a protein-filled dinner on the table in no time!

When there’s a chill in the air, this creamy chicken skillet dinner with barley and lentils is a very comforting recipes.

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Molasses Cake – An Old-Time Favourite

January 27, 2015

My grandma made the very best molasses cake and she always paired the cake with a glass of milk when she served it to me.
Greek Yogurt Pizza Dough

January 20, 2015

Greek yogurt is great for breakfast but how do you incorporate into other meals, like dinner?
Cinnamon Apple-Pear Stuffed Squash

January 15, 2015

Here is a stuffed squash recipe that I recently brought to a friend’s house for a family dinner. It can double as a meal or as a side dish.

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